How it works

Independent search and purchase of a car in another country will take a lot of time and effort, there is a risk of encountering unscrupulous sellers. Let’s leave it to the professionals. The Samaria Auto Plus company has a wide experience of sale of a car to the different countries of the world. Our team will do everything for you. You only need to choose a car, pay and get it.

Selection of cars

Order a car from our catalog or tell us the make and model of the car you want to buy, year of manufacture, features of configuration and trim:

  • the type and power of engine;
  •  transmission type;
  • body color;
  • trim material and tone;
  • availability of additional options.

Our employee will search for the right car from the manufacturer and our partners in the USA, Canada, Asia or UAE. If there is not the selected model, we will offer you another option, the most appropriate to the desired characteristics.

Please note: some types of exclusive cars are custom-built by hand, this may affect their final cost and increase the delivery time.

Conclusion of the contract and payment procedure

After having confirmed the fact of availability of the car chosen by You either at our warehouse or at our partners, we reserve for You this car and conclude the contract for delivery.

Now you need to make a partial or full prepayment of the car by Bank transfer.

The size of the advanced payment:

  • the car we have in stock-100% of the cost;
  • the presence of a car in partners’ stock-10%;
  • under the order from the manufacturer-20%. Delivery time in this case is 1.5-3 months.


After making an advance payment, we prepare all the necessary transport documents for the shipment of the car to the port of departure and delivery to the recipient country.

At the request of the client, risk insurance is issued.

Now you need to pay the full cost of the car and delivery.

Attention: sending the car to the customer in the destination port is done only after 100% payment!

After transferring the money, we will ship your car to the nearest cargo ship to the port of destination.

For more information, see the part «SHIPPING».

Getting a car

Our staff will inform you about the date and time of receipt of the cargo in the selected port in Nigeria or Congo and we will contact you with the freight forwarder to receive the purchased car.

You need to come in person or send a trusted representative to inspect the car and sign the acceptance certificate.

Then you yourself or with the help of our experts have to pass customs procedures and registration of the car in your country. We will be happy to advise you on tariffs and customs procedures.


How fast do you deliver cars?

Delivery time depends on the availability of the car and the schedule of cargo ships. It takes from 2 weeks to 3 months.

What do you need to order a car?

Contact us in any convenient way and tell us the make and characteristics of the car you want to buy.

You aren’t swindlers, are you? Can you prove it?

We will provide all documents confirming the registration and legality of our company.

And if I want a car that you do not have in the catalog, what shall I do?

Inform our Manager what kind of car you want and we will find it with our partners.

Can I choose a different package?

Yes, you can. At the stage of cars selection, you can order any set of options available from the manufacturer or dealers.

Can I give up the car when it's in port?

You can cancel the transaction before making an advance payment, otherwise the prepayment is not refundable.

What happens if the car is damaged during delivery?

The risks of damage to the vehicle are insured before shipment.

Can I see where my car is in the delivery process?

Yes, you can.  Your personal Manager will report the location of the car.

Do you work with individuals or only with legal entities?

Yes, we do. We work with individuals and legal entities.

Can I pay in cash when I pick up the car?

No, you can’t.  We work strictly on prepayment and by Bank transfer.

What is the probability that my car is wanted for theft?

This can’t be, we work only with trusted suppliers, all cars are legal. You will receive a full package of documents confirming the legal purity of the machine and the legality of the transaction.

Can I choose my own shipping company for delivery?

Yes, you can, if it has a license for sea transportation and delivers goods to your region.

I want to buy a vintage car, can I do it through your company?

Services for the purchase and delivery of such machines are discussed individually.